[Gay] Bare Brazilian Games

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g The Brotherhood of Futebol (Soccer) is an institution in Brazil. Welcome to one of the private training camps in Brazil. The goal is to help each other become a better Futebol player. The teams are getting ready in the locker room while Marco Pires and Miguel Martinez are showing Romeo Rivera how to take care of the team's balls on the field. Romeo takes on the challenge and opens his holes up for servicing both uncut cocks. Miguel flips Marco on his back and penetrates his cherry asshole raw. Watch his low hanging balls tighten up as he gets ready to shoot his wad! Just as they finish and getting dressed the team rushes the field. Game on! Eli Carreras injures himself on the field, team mates Angel Castil and Stefano Silva take him into the facility to give him the attention he needs. Soon the hot muscled studs are servicing cock! Hole licking, ass fucking, cock sucking is just the start with these tattooed big dick horny ass men! Their athletic bodies are in every position you can imagine! One right after the other, the cum just shoots everywhere! Mateo Reis and Davidson Caruso meet up in the gym to lift some weights. Mateo has something else in mind like Davidson's eight plus inches of uncut cock deep in his throat. Davidson wets Mateo's rosebud with his tongue, enough to make him want his cock filling it up! Mateo watches his raw uncut meat slam into his tight hole. Davidson spits on Mateo's rock hard cock and shoves it deep inside himself. This is a marathon of sex with both climaxing! Rico Morales and Mario Bacci take some time to play pool. The object of the game, fill the hole with tongues, fingers, and pre-cumming cocks! They take turns pleasuring each other. Mario Just can't contain himself as he vocalizes his excitement, and then pops his load all over Rico's face! Orlando Cruz and Pablo Santos know exactly what they want as they sneak back to their dorm room to release the sexual tension between them! Orlando and Pablo will make you break a sweat watching them explore each other! Kissing, chewing , sucking, and fucking are the beginning of their workout! Rico slam fucks Orlando's ass so hard that he cums then shoves it back in for more! Year: 2006 Country: Brazil Studio : Puppy Productions Cast: Eli Carreras, Angel Castil, Rico Morales, Mario Bacci, Orlando Cruz, Stefano Silva, Marco Pires, Miguel Martinez, Romeo Rivera, Mateo Reis, Davidson Caruso, Pablo Santos Director: Thomas Bjorn