[Gay] Almost Caught & Too Young to Care

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Factory Videos are dirty, no-frills affairs - but they’re also incredibly lively and fun. The same could be said about the performers in them for that matter. Factory Video’s productions are like "America’s Filthiest Home Videos" - they know they don’t have big budgets to work with, so they fill the screen with horny guys who are seemingly doing it for the exhibitionist kick, not for a handful of Hamilton bills. Almost Caught and Too Young to Care is a prime example - seventy minutes of pretension-free twinks in three vignettes merrily jump each other’s bones and have, as the Flintstones so innocently put it, “a gay old time.” We begin with dark Enzio getting jiggy with blonde beau cover model Peter Ross. The two newcomers turn the warehouse/factory (geddit?) into their own private Saturnalia when Ross drops to his knees, worshipping the fat, uncut tool of his horny counterpart. “You sure this is okay?” he nervously asks before Enzio facefucks the appreciative and greedy kid. If Enzio’s moans are anything to go by, he loves his cock slobbered over - and in great, crystal-clear close-ups! He gives as good as he gets too, swallowing Ross’ pierced cock before spinning him around and fingering a hole that begs to be torn apart. And so it does, in multiple positions, Ross redefining the term power bottom. “Fuck me harder” he yells and Enzio’s more than happy to oblige, the two finally finishing their marathon session with the young slut’s face covered in creamy white goodness. The middle scene sees Stallion and Dillon loading packages into a truck, but it’s boxes of another kind that they’ve really got on their minds. Stallion’s a familiar face to Factory fans but those who don’t know what he’s capable of are in for a treat as he seduces punk-kid Dillon, who strips to reveal a muscular but boyish body that’s absolutely covered with hot and sexy tattoos. Stallion takes control, forcing the youngster into the back of the truck, laying him down and making a meal of the roughneck’s meat. Dillon can’t wait to reciprocate and deep throats every last inch before a sixty-nine session leads to Dillon’s ass getting pounded by the dominant stud. Dillon gets his wish of having Stallion shoot all over his well ploughed butt cheeks, and then shoots his own hot load over Stallion’s tattoos. Last but by no means least there’s lust in the laundry room with lanky youngsters Bowers and Adrian. Folding sheets is not their idea of fun, but we know what is! Bowers drops to his knees and frees Adrian’s meat, eagerly inhaling what’s on offer. He takes it slow, teasing that tool with his tongue and mouth. Bowers is so aroused (as you will be too) his own cock is rock solid and grateful for the oral attentions that Adrian offers up. Though both performers are versatile it’s Aidy taking the top role, rubbering up (with condoms found in the dryer!) and impaling his 140 lb. buddy who loves being probed by his slacker buddy’s rhythmic thrusts. His almost silent groans and moans are nearly drowned out by the sound of the machines around their scene of carnality. Though Adrian doesn’t cum a great deal Bowers determinedly gets the last couple of drops from out of his cock, swallowing them like a cheap whore! Yep, did I forget to mention that Factory loves their oral cumshots? Wow. You’ll want to lick the screen to join in the experience. Don’t expect the clean, crispness of Hollywood with its polished look and expert camerawork. Remember there were lines around the block to see the Blair Witch after all. We need low budget indies to appreciate blockbusters, but we also need blockbusters to truly appreciate low budget indie masterpieces. Almost Caught. Almost Perfect. Cast: Pete Ross, Adrian, Billy Bowers, Dillon, Enzio, Vince Stallion Director: Frank Parker, Scott Morris Country: US Year: 2003 Studio : Factory Video Productions