FickStutenMarkt [Gay]

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Making a good thing out of the concept 'just put a bag over its head', Berlin's original FickstutenMarkt (Horse Fair, though 'fick' is translated as you might expect) rounds up a pool of naked/chaps-wearing mares (Stuten), literally covers them from the neck up in a bag (white for safe sex, red for less so, and worn for the entire evening), then opens its stable doors to cocky stallions (Hengste), who are then given free and easy access to the arses of their liking. This monthly direct-action enterprise — which bestows awards to the most prized stallions and mares of the moment — comes equipped with scaffolding, slings and black-PVC-covered mattresses, plus slightly quieter and less exposed play areas for the shyer animals. All very quaint and organised. Entry for mares: 5.30—6.30pm. For stallions: 7—8pm. Takes place in the Dragon Room of the straight/gay KitKatClub in Mitte. This is the original FickstutenMarkt (started July 2005); others in the domain include Hamburg, Mannheim, Köln, Leipzig and Amsterdam, plus copycat equivalents in other cities. U-Bahns: Mortizplatz and Heinrich-Heine-Straße. Country: Germany Studio: Berlinstar Year: 2011 Stars: Paul Hammer, Brandon Douglas, Kriss Stahl, Vladi, Hop Hop, Running Tommy, Tantalus, Funny, Marcus, Tony Rossello, Basti Faust, Jurgen, Mamy, Sebastian Ryk, Franz Neuhoff, Tigga, Slim Break, Lucas Willing, Martin, Markus, Ingo, Nick, Stefan, Frank, Max, Pavel, Andreas, Marc, Gregor, Dominique