Reife Damen junge Männer 29

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Reife Damen, Junger Manner 29 (Randy Ladies, Young Men 29) is another welcome offering from the extreme German label, Puaka. We start off with a mature slut alone in the house, watching a porn dvd on the telly. By a strange coincidence, the dvd happens to feature a rough old bird, getting a good shagging. Our mature slapper is getting excited. She whips out her tits and gives her fanny a good rub. A young chap in a baseball cap arrives, and starts finding dildos everywhere (our old dear has been stuffing them down the side of the settee cushions - as well as elsewhere!) The old bid pulls the lad's dick out, and proves to him that she hasn't forgotten how to suck cock. As a reward, she gets the shagging she so badly needs! Next, a bespectacled blonde fifty-something is entertaining two virile masculine guests. One of the men is busily touching-up the young maid (where did she come from?) The mistress of the house, not wanting to miss out, wraps her mouth around the second guy's stiff meat. When her tits come out, they are big, smooth and impressive. Both maid and mistress swap partners, and the shagging continues. We could tell you more, but why spoil the suspense? All we'll say is, watch out for the mature dear who gets fucked on a wicker chair - and has the imprint of the wicker deeply stamped on her arse!